Cosmic Tree

An immense ancient tree whose three roots extend far away into other locations and whose branches stretch out into the heavens; Yggdrasil, the huge ash tree, that is considered very holy. Peoples have for millenniums ascribed to it mythological, scientific and religious significance.

Many wondrous and strange animals live near this tree; the Golden Eagle commands from the uppermost branches, the Dragon Snake torments its roots, under which the knowledge of all things is concealed and the Inquisitive Squirrel sees and hears everything as it scurries along its branches.

The Deer eats from the Cosmic Tree, its antlers covered by a mantle of dew, nourishment for the bees honey; his wife the Nanny Goat, her udders full of mead, food for children and heroes.

Until the twilight of the Gods, the Cosmic Tree will stand firm on mighty roots producing healthful and nutritious fruits, fearless of iron or fire.

Rare Diseases are often unknown, neglected and at times abandoned. However, taking nourishment from the Tree of Life, as do the wondrous animals, one will be guided on a calmer and lighter path thereby obtaining the belief, confidence and hope needed to fight for victory.

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