Who are we?

The Cosmic Tree Association is a social-humanitarian project affiliated with UNIAMO FIMR Onlus in assisting and supporting patients at all stages of their condition.

Why trust us?

The Cosmic Tree gathers information only from internationally renowned organizations. The final choice is yours as to the information you wish to consult.

Who should be interested?

This project is relevant to all who suffer from rare diseases as well as to their families and friends.

Why join us?

It is important to join us because a global network is being created which will be able to connect persons with healthcare professionals and specialized facilities.

This is the first time that such services are being made available.

Why do our services require payment?

This project has been conceived by a group of private citizens and is completely unfunded. It requires the financial support of all of you.

Is this a social network?

Not really ! Our concept is to connect people on a world-wide basis however our services are not available to everyone. Whoever joins The Cosmic Tree does so usually for two fundamental reasons; one needs help oneself or one wants to help others.

How can you support us?

You can donate online Everyone who makes a contribution of over € 10 will be among the first to benefit from our services or to transfer this benefit to someone else.

INFO@THECOSMICTREE.ORG - GRAZIA DELEDDA 38 - 09127 CAGLIARI - ITALY - +39 070 241180 logo uniamo